Free & Private Masterplanned Eco-City in the Karen State of Burma

Mu Aye Pu
Development Corporation



Mu Aye Pu Free City Project

2017 Private Placement Investor Presentation

Masterplan Gallery

Enjoy our masterplan renders

Stage 1 - survey & Masterplanning - COMPLETE

Masterplanning the Karen Free & Private City

Seed Capital Raise

in 2017 Karen Enterprises raised 'Preliminary Development Capital' as Equity in 'Mu Aye Pu Development Corporation' registered in Singapore for the Site Surveying & Masterplanning of Mu Aye Pu Township

Survey & Masterplanning

Survey & Masterplanning was completed in late 2018 - See Gallery below

Infrastructure Development

The next Stages and Funding of the project will be to secure the land, finalise the Land Concession, Build a Display Home & Essential Preliminary Physical Infrastructure

Experienced development Team

The Mu Aye Pu development team combines experience with passion, creativity, and fortitude.

From integrating rural landscapes with city skyscrapers, our team is committed to the project and to supporting our clients and investors to deliver genuine Restorative Sustainability.

This is a nation building project that requires a long view, patience, strength and determination

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