• Defending Karen State Wildlife and the Future Karen Nature Tourism Economy

    Karen Wildlife Rangers

  • karen wildlife need your Support!

    Karen State is still home to Tiger, Elephant, Black Bear and more!

    Help us keep it that way!

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  • karen wildlife Need your support!

    Nearly Seventy Years of Civil War has been devastating for the Karen people. However you may not know that the dislocation of human settlements has assisted to preserve many of SE Asia's iconic Wildlife Species including Tiger, Elephant, Black Bear and more......!


    We are proposing to establish the Karen Wildlife Rangers Program. The program will run for an initial 5 years with the intension to preserve SE Asia's last native forests home to thousands of native and endemic species. The role of the KWR is to preserve and protect Karen Forests and their Wildlife through monitoring and data collection of iconic species, prevention of poaching, undertake police work and investigations, mediate and prevent human-wildife conflicts.